If you are one of the millions of drivers on the road here in Toronto you are going to experience dents and dings eventually. Vehicle owners and especially “leased” vehicles want to know more about Paintless Dent Removal or PDR. Every car owner has experienced damage to their car and the first thing you think of is body shop. We are here to help and change this misconception. 

GPR Glue Pull Dent Repair

GPR - Glue Pull Repairs which is a new concept to PDR and what we specialize in for the past 2 years. We no longer use the conventional PDR approach of using rods from behind the damages. GPR is a technique of glue, tabs and pullers developed to pull damages back to pre accident condition. To view repairs done by GPR visit our Glue Pull Repairs website by selecting link below.

Glue Pull Repairs

Plastic Bumper Dent Removal

Bumper damage is very common on every vehicle today and all new vehicles have moulded plastic bumpers. Most cases the damage can be repaired using Paintless Dent Removal process to reshape the bumper back to factory restored finish. If you have received damage to your front or rear bumpers contact us for a free estimate.


The most common damage a dent tech will repair on a daily basis would be door dings and they are almost impossible to avoid. You have to park at a shopping center some day and we all try to avoid parking around other cars only to find a shopping cart pushed into the side of your car or someone beside you has opened their car door into yours and caused a dent or ding.


With manufacturers looking for ways to make your car more efficient and light weight in recent years modern cars are prone to hail damage. With constant changes in manufactures metals used to build vehicles modern cars are going to receive hail damage because of the lightweight metals used.


This type of damage is very common in Toronto and car owners with only street parking. You may find large dents in side panels or plastic bumpers dented. In most cases these types of damages can be removed and bring your car back to factory condition.


Vehicle owners often cause their own damages. Driving into a parking space, too close to the entrance of your garage, dropping an object on top of the car. These causes mentioned above are a couple of the driver errors and there are many. If you have caused your own damages and the paint is not removed or cracked then often PDR is the right choice for you.

If you think you qualify for PDR or Paintless Dent Removal please contact us directly and look over our site at our work performed. Many before and after images to help you decide if PDR is for you.


To help us serve you please complete the form below and we will be in contact by the next working day to arrange a free, no obligation estimate.


At Mobile Dent Medic we take extra special care of our Individual owners and keep them happy over the years so they do remember and keep coming back should the need for our services be called upon again.

Paintless Dent Removal or PDR is now very common within dealerships. If your buying, leasing you will be offered warranty for dents and dings. The dealers will now call on us to come into the dealers and repair your vehicle under warranty should it be covered.

Are your front or rear plastic molded bumpers dented ? Try PDR Paintless Dent Removal. We look after these dent damages every week and our clients are so happy with the results.

Door dings cannot be avoided each day and you will receive one eventually. Most dime size door dings can be removed safely without harming any of the paint and you will never know the damage even happen.

More and more body shops use our services on a daily basis for minor damages and also when insurance companies ask for damages to have PDR. If you are taking your vehicle into a bodyshop first please ask about PDR

Each year during hail season we perform hail damage services around Ontario. Called on by dealers, body shops, individual owners. Hail damage is covered by your insurance company and if you should have hail damage call Mobile Dent Medic.