Apr 15
Mobile Tech Shade
Posted by Mobile Dent Medic

Introducing Mobile Tech Shade. A revolutionary "Dent Tech Shade Umbrella" for the best shade working outdoors or indoors when shade and the right light means everything.


If you work outside and the sun hinders your work or even indoors under shop lights, Mobile Tech Shade has the solution. The solution is the Mobile Tech Shade. Easily mounted suction cup to a vehicle panel or window or any other flat surface and relax (or work) in the shade. Built by a gun machinist, you will feel the quality as soon as you first hold one.

Quality made and built from start to finish. Many color options available and you won't know what you did without it for so long. You won't want just one. Shade your vehicle and work. Shade your tool cart or working bench. 

Innovative Development

Innovation is key in this Mobile Tech Shade with a 68" double canopy UV umbrella system providing shade for both the mobile PDR technician and work area. Advance design improves component performance over time while providing the reliability and durability needed in a tool built to last. You will not be disappointed. 

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