Dec 12
Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) should be the first and only choice
Posted by Mobile Dent Medic
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Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) should be the first and only choice in dent repair on your vehicle over conventional body repairs.

When searching for Paintless Dent Removal some of the things to watch for

Do not accept PDR repairs from someone in a parking lot

Do not accept PDR repairs from someone knocking on your door

Do not accept PDR from sale flyers posted on your windshield

Like any industry in this world you will always find someone looking to make fast easy money and taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers like you. Quality PDR techs will never set up shop in a parking lot and approach you while parking or out shopping, or knock on your door and offer services. Most common line from hacks that approach consumers. I was driving by and i see you have a dent in your car. Walk away and call the authorities. If possible ask for a business card. Ask for a phone number. Ask to see some sort of photo identification. Take pictures with your phone for the police. Get as much information as possible for the police to investigate. 

Each day someone has fallen victim to a hack calling himself a PDR Tech. Most recently police have made arrests with your help and in search of other consumers that have fallen victim to these low life hacks.


PDR is an art, a lifetime of hard work and training goes into being a qualified, licensed dent tech. This industry is small and only a handful of men and women have what it takes to become a PDR tech.