Oct 02
PDR Nation Making a Difference
Posted by Mobile Dent Medic
blog-img6 Making a Difference | Mobile Dent Medic Paintless Dent Repair

PDR Nation is the first and only organization dedicated to the international PDR industry

 Through education in proper repairs, estimating and business procedures PDR Nation can help mold the industry into the most solid profession that it can be.

PDR Nation was formed in 2012 and is an international non-profit Paintless Dent Repair trade organization developed to fill a void in the PDR Industry. PDR Nation Unifies, Educates, and Certifies independent PDR professionals from across the world. PDR Nation organization was founded by PDR techs and was formed by inviting members based on their reputation and the way they represent themselves in public. The most well respected and influential people in the PDR industry helped to form what is now known as PDR Nation.


The PDR Nation board members want to let you know what PDR Nation means to each of us. Just like you, each of us are very passionate about our industry and are honored that you have decided to join us on this journey. We hope you enjoy reading each passage and are able to get a better understanding of why each of us are excited to be a part of PDR Nation. United together we can make a positive difference in the PDR Industry.

PDR Nation benefit the Independent Techs

PDR Nation has shown over and over how they are working to help and benefit members, including independent technicians. The most valuable benefit for the independent technician is to let them have a voice in the PDR industry.

Being an independent PDR technician it is very difficult to be heard when you are going up against other business that have power in numbers and more influenced players in the industry, like insurance companies, dealers and the auto body business. The most recent pull of power was the Farmers Insurance issues and PDR Nation combined with NAPDRT were able to start the ball rolling and get effective results.

What a better time than now to join together and work as one large group that can represent one as the PDR industry.  PDR Nation is growing and becoming the voice of its members.  

What’s new for PDR Nation

PDR nation is now working directly with NAPDRT to help establish and change our industry standards. Now both organizations can get involved with issues and give the technicians out there a solid foundation to stand on. NAPDRT looks after the legislative and legal side of the industry. PDR Nation is working hard on the physical repair and accountability side of the trade. Both organizations offer value to the industry, and should be supported by technicians that are passionate about their career.

PDR Nation Certification 

PDR Nation Certification provides a pathway for educating PDR Technicians in preforming ethical, safe, and proper automotive PDR repairs. PDR Nation is the first balanced Paintless Dent Repair Certification that is not only based on ability, but brings continuing education in proper repair and business practices as well as a Customer Service Indexing system to bring accountability to the PDR Industry. 

Each Certified technician must complete classes in ethics and proper repair procedures and keep a positive CSI rating from reviews provided by repair facilities, employers, clients, and consumers. These reviews are listed on the Certified Technician’s individual CSI page listed on PDRNation.org. Certified Technicians are required to take new classes annually to stay up to date on proper repair procedures and business practices. 


The CSI capabilities of PDR Nation allows you to research the history of a technician and find out what other shops and consumers say about their experiences with the certified technician. It also gives you a platform to rate and review PDRN Certified technicians and share your experiences with them as well. PDR Nation Certification is a living certification with required continuing education for certified technicians to ensure they are up to date with proper repair procedures and techniques.