Glue Pull Repair Training

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GPR - Glue Pull Repair Training. With glue pull repairs becoming more visible and widely used in body shops and the PDR industry, training options are very limited in Canada and even Ontario. The only qualified and certified GPR Glue Pull Repair businesses to date are presently, KECO and Camauto Pro

More are being added to the above lists of certified technicians and business each day but limited to the USA. Present business in Canada is Camauto Pro in Quebec by Charles Aoun.

We use Camauto Pro products and KECO glue pulling products on a daily basis when looking after our clients at Mobile Dent Medic. When only the best will do, KECO and Camauto Pro supplies all Professional PDR Technicians, body shops with the performance, the innovation, the quality and the service necessary to successfully repair every PDR/GPR dent damage that arrives.

To view more of what is used in tools and equipment and who is selling GPR tools visit GPR For more detailed information and links.

GPR Training will include one day of GPR - Glue Pull Repair onsite training at your location/shop. Include the entire shop staff or one on one as we walk through the process of preparations, process, tools, lighting. 

PDR Technicians and Body Shops

  • Onsite training at your shop, garage
  • Work through the process of preparation of panel, selection of tabs, pulling, glues, tools.
  • Hands-on glue pull repair practice and training with a certified technician.
  • Options include basic tools selection for each job
  • Start to finish GPR dent removal

Body Shops and Technicians Why Pull to Paint?

  • Speed and cost over past methods. Reduce lengthy removal and reinstall times often used in shops.
  • Profitability: Bill for more service hours and fewer parts and take advantage of more frequent job turnover.
  • Affordability: Reduce the need for total part replacement and lower prices for your customers and insurance.
  • Training: Enhance your current skill sets, profits by doing the work yourself and reduce costs by calling in other business.

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Examples of GPR Glue Pull Repair Video



 Example of what we are capable of pulling with GPR Glue Pull Repairs and the strength glues and tools have today. In this video Charles of Camauto Pro is pulling a rear quarter panel back into place after an accident and bringing the door/quarter panel gap where it should be.