Glue Pull Repair. The Future in dent removal. Non intrusive. Our services are now 100% GPR

GluePulllingDents Glue Pull Repairs. The Future in dent removal. Non intrusive. Our services are now 100% GPR | Mobile Dent Medic Paintless Dent Repair

Our Glue Pull Repair Services. Glue Pull Repair. This is the future of dent repair and Mobile Dent Medic has been mastering the art of glue pull repairs for the past 6 years.


The past year during 2019 our clients have been asking for glue pull repair services even before we started marketing it on our website. Very surprising that car owners are researching different technology and methods we use to remove dent damages. Over the past 6 years we have invested in new glue pull repair technology. Tools and specialized tabs, glues. These techniques are not new to the Paintless Dent Repair industry they are quite old. Glue pulling has been done as long as dent removal has been around. Every year technology improves and so with this our tools and methods also change. 15 years ago and up to now we have started dent removal repairs with glue pulling and finished the dent damage with conventional PDR rods. 

Now with what has evolved in our industry we are able to start and finish dent repairs to 100% finish with the Properly designed tools, glue tabs and glue that has been designed for glue pulling dents in our industry and even in bodyshops for collision damages. 

Warning. Do not confuse the Walmart and any online market gimmicks that sell as pops a dent or pull dents at home. The proper dent pulling equipment is designed and manufactured by companies that work with dent removal technicians and collision industry professionals. Many have tried to copy and sell what costs us thousands each year in investments but they are all too good to be true if you can buy something to pull dents for $30.00. 

If you are interested in what we use in this process you can visit our sister site that is online solely for Glue Pull Repairs. Our equipment and work is displayed all through the website.

Glue Pull Repairs Website