PDR Nation Certification Process

PDR Nation or PDRN certification process.

The certification process begins by becoming a member of PDR Nation. You have 2 options to become a member, yearly or monthly paid memberships.

Become a member of PDR Nation

Yearly Membership option

Monthly Membership option

The PDR Nation Certification begins by verification of the applicant’s ability as a PDR technician. After purchasing one year or monthly membership of PDR Nation certification you will be required to provide at least 4 references or your Vale certification number.

Vale Certified Tech Process  – Online Form Submit

Not Vale Certified Process – Online Form Submit

This is done by verifying the applicant’s Vale certification number and level. We know that Vale is not a logistical option for many technicians. This is where a series of references come into play. If the applicant is not Vale certified, the applicant must list 4 references that will be thoroughly checked and verified individually. References that are allowed are

Body shop owners/managers

Automotive dealers/managers

Insurance adjusters

PDR company owners


Technicians with good reputations

Relatives, friends, and those with no knowledge of proper repair procedures will not be accepted as references. All references must be verified in order to continue to proceed in the process of certification. PDR Nation requires all certified members to pass several courses & participate in our CSI program.  

Once the applicant signs up and payment is verified, the applicant will gain access to the certified tech portion of the website. There the applicant will be able to begin filling in information for their tech page, provide details about their references or vale certification, and gain access to the online courses and testing.

Provide information for certified tech page listing

Provide 4 references

PDR Company

Trained By

The online training classes will consist of a course in Ethics and Standards, and a course in Corrosion Protection.

Ethics and Standards

Corrosion and Paint

Once the PDR Technician has completed the online testing with a score of 80% or better and references are verified, they will receive a membership package and will have their tech page and CSI published on the PDR Nation website. This allows for the CSI portion of PDR Nation Certification to begin. The CSI page is a major aspect of the certification as it brings real-time accountability to the technician. A certified technician’s tech page can be customized to the technician’s market. The CSI ratings will be visible to consumers, clients, and potential employers to learn about what previous clients say about the technician. Reviews will be verified for authenticity and the technician will have the opportunity to dispute or challenge any negative reviews.

 PDR Nation is a non-profit organization, so be assured the yearly dues will go to marketing the Certified members to the marketplace, developing continuing education, betterment of the industry, and marketing the Certification to the automotive repair industry. For more information on PDR Nation and to sign up to get certified, visit us at www.pdrnation.org.

It is time that we all unite and take control of the PDR industry. We, the technicians, are the experts. We, the technicians, need to have the final say-so in the direction of OUR industry and the PDR Nation Certification is here to take us in the right direction. If you are serious about bringing a positive change to our industry, get certified, get involved, and let’s take our industry back!

Certification is not just about having a title. It’s a brand you carry with your name and company.

Becoming certified helps others recognize you have a standard and values you carry into every job. It’s the pride and extra mile you have and others who are willing to hire because of those standards.



 Visit PDR Nation to learn more or to get certified: http://pdrnation.org