Porsche Macan Aluminum Hood

81115745_1756471177817285_1785935658959765504_n Porsche Macan Aluminum Hood | Mobile Dent Medic Paintless Dent Repair

Porsche Macan GTS Aluminum Hood Dent Removal. 100% Glue Pull Repair. 

Client was adamant he was not replacing his hood and searched for all possibilities until he got to keep all original parts. No fillers, No Sanding, No Painting. And No conventional PDR methods used. At Mobile Dent Medic care is taken for every client. And when I hear it cannot be done gives me more momentum to do the job and get it done. Why send something or someone off to a bodyshop without even trying. If you have the experience in this PDR industry at least say I can try, no promises but I will try. Of all the years I have been in business and meeting new and past clients everyday I always hear the same thing. And that is 10 people tell 20 people whom tell another 40 people. Word travels so fast on great work and bad work, happy clients over unhappy clients. Mobile Dent Medic has another very happy client as I spent the time necessary to satisfy my client and myself. 

This was the last car and last client of 2019 Happy New Year