Glue Pull Dent Repair Is The Future


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The Future Of Dent Removal is GPR Glue Pulling Removal 

The Future Of Dent Removal is GPR, Glue Pulling Removal. 6 years ago I was researching every online estimate that arrived for access points to remove the dent prior to giving cost.

Now when an estimate arrives I'm thinking of how and what will I use to glue pull this damage. It took years to perfect the same as pushing but you can reach 100% repairs with the right glues, tools and tabs.

Every week I hear from clients, I had a previous estimate and told it can't be done. There's no access, you need a body shop, the damage is too severe, that's not a paintless dent removal job.

And after the last client that made these comments this week and told he would have to get his rear quarter panel repainted and bondo by a dent tech because he was positive there's no access behind the damage because it's a soft top. It's time to start marketing GPR.